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Southeast Asia’s Contribution to the Humble Curry!

What do we know about curry? Ask anyone of Western origin this question and the standard answer will be along the lines of: “It’s from India, and it’s really spicy.” While the cuisine of Southeast Asia does lend a degree of inspiration from India, their adaptation of this globally popular dish is equally breath-taking and utterly delicious. 

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Papaya Pok Pok

The delightful dish Som Tam is ubiquitous to Northern Thai cuisine. Just about every street vendor, open air market, and restaurant serves Som Tam and if they don’t, they can direct you to the nearest place that does, regardless of where in Northern Thailand you are!

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Som Tam – The Spicy Salad

Thai cuisine typically has four main tastes that are present in nearly all dishes. The heat comes from the chilli, the salty fish sauce, the juice of a lime and to counteract the flavours, palm sugar is also added. What is often served up as a side dish or as an accompaniment to noodles and vegetables, som tam gives a refreshing taste with the zing of some hot chillies.

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The Essential Flavours of Thai Cuisine

The essential ingredients which set Thai cuisine apart from the rest of the world are the key five flavours blended together in each meal. All Thai dishes follow similar rules of having hot (spicy), sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavours. Walk past stalls or markets with curries being made, and you will smell the distinct ingredients. The aromatic, spicy, and rich smells are all blended together to make Thai food incredibly addictive.

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