Fresh Thai Fruits

These exotic Thai fruits are flown in weekly from Thailand. From the intriguing Rambutan to the distinctive Dragon Fruit, and from the subtle Jack Fruit to the fierce Durian, you’ll find pretty much any fruit grown in Thailand. We also stock a wide variety of Mangoes, which include the Sweet Green, Sour Green and Yellow Mango. For those special occasions, we stock Banana Leaves for you serve your food on.

Fresh Thai Herbs

From the everyday Thai herbs such as Lemongrass, Galangal, Turmeric, Thai Garlic and Kaffir lime leaves which we always have in stock to the more unique herbs such as Tumicini, Thai parsley, Chinese Chives and Acacia leaves we have all the herbs you need for your Thai cooking needs. The fresh green herbs such as Thai Sweet Basil, Thai Holy Basil and Thai Coriander and flown in every week.

Fresh Thai Spices

Western chefs are more conservative that their Thai counterparts, and sometimes tend to under flavour our foods, which is simply not the way in Thai cooking. There is a presumption that Thai chillies are only added to make food spicy. In fact each type of chilli, from a small red chilli, small green chilli, bird eye chilli, large red chilli, large green chilli and fresh peppercorn each have a distinct flavour of their own.

Fresh Thai Vegetables

Whether you are preparing Thai Papaya Salad, or a classic Thai curry you will more than likely require some fresh Thai vegetables in your ingredients. For Thai curries, we stock both pea eggplants and round eggplants. For Thai salads we have Unripe Green Papaya, String Beans and Winged Beans. For side dishes we have Morning Glory, Oyster Mushrooms, Golden Needle Mushrooms and Young Kale. For Thai sweets we have Pandan Leaves, Taro and Thai Pumpkin.


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