Mango (Green Sweet)

Mango (Green Sweet)

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This fruit is only usually available between the months of April and June. Outside these months, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to procure it from Thailand.

Mango (sweet green) (500g)

Thai Name: Mamuang Kiew Sa Wei

Mango is hands down the most popular fruit in Thailand. It is grown and eaten everywhere. Due to the variation in climate across Thailand, it is also available the whole year round, as crops are harvested at different times of the year, depending upon where they are being grown.

Unlike any other fruit, Mango are eaten at several stages of their growth. They are eaten when they are unripe and bitter, they are eaten when they have yet to ripen fully and are just a little sweet, and they are eaten when they are fully ripe, full of juice, and incredibly sweet.

Green Sweet Mango are the intermediary stage between unripe and fully ripe, they are sweet, but are still quite hard, and do not have much juice. They are also far less sweet than a fully ripe Mango.

Thai people will eat Sweet Green Mango on its own, as a snack fruit, although they usually prefer to eat unripe or bitter Mango this way. Predominantly Green Sweet Mango are used as a cooking ingredient.

There are two Thai dishes that feature Sweet Green Mango as the main ingredient. The first of these is Thai Green Mango Salad, this is a spicy dish, which is entirely healthy, and is often eaten as a light lunch. At other times it will be ordered as a side dish as part of a larger meal. The second recipe which features Sweet Green Mango is Thai Green Mango with Fish Sauce. The Mango is simply quartered and then dipped into a special fish sauce mixture and eaten. Again this is seen as a snack food in Thailand.

Sweet Green Mangos are extremely healthy to eat, they contain far less sugar content than a ripe mango does, and they are also high in fibre.

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