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Papaya (yellow)

Papaya (yellow)

Fresh Fruit

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Papaya (yellow) (1kg)

Thai Name: Malagor suk

Yellow Papaya, which it should be noted is not actually yellow, but a kind of orange-red colour inside, and green to yellow on the outside, is grown all over Thailand. It is not a separate crop to the Green Papaya eaten with dishes such as Som Tum, it is simply Green Papaya left to ripen before being eaten.

Yellow Papaya is much softer then Green Papaya, and is also just a little sweet. It still retains the subtle Papaya flavour, meaning when it is added to a dish it does not overpower, but it becomes much more versatile due to its sweetness and softer texture.

Yellow Papaya is almost always eaten as a snack fruit, or as part of a desert dish. Most notably fruit salads in Thailand will often feature Yellow Papaya, due to the fact it is available everywhere and is very cheap.

Something that is unique to Thailand, and which visitors to the country often find palatable, is a Yellow Papaya milk shake. For some reason, the Papaya flavour seems to bring out the creaminess in the milk, making a perfect blend. For optimal results no sugar is added, making a slightly sweet, thick and creamy shake.

Recently tests have proven that Papaya Juice has and antiproliferative upon liver cancer cells, and currently this is being investigated.

Yellow Papaya is fairly rich in nutrients, including Vitamins B and C, along with iron, magnesium and sodium. Unfortunately it also has a fairly high carbohydrate and sugar content, which means it is not the healthiest of fruits to eat too much of.

Overall, Papaya is an excellent fruit which can be added to a whole range of salads and dishes, if you are keen on Thai cooking, you should always keep some of this amazing fruit in your refrigerator.

Note: Any orders containing fresh food products will be dispatched on a Wednesday. This is because all our fresh food in flown in directly from Thailand on a weekly basis to ensure you get the freshest possible products.

Fresh produce of Thailand.

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