Pak Wan

Pak Wan

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Pak Wan 100g

Pak Wan is sold in bunches that are usually cutting s of around 6-12 inch long stalks. They are found in markets around Thailand and the plant is found in forest and mountainous areas of Thailand. There are also an increasing number of people who are now growing Pak Wan at home. The plant is also known as tropical asparagus and it goes well with soups, stir fried dishes and soups.

The Pak Wan soup is a popular dish and the soup is served in many different restaurants. The stem of the plant is crunchy and tender and the leaves are used to make the delicious fresh salads and other Thai dishes. Pak Wan is also used in Malaysia where it is known as Sayur Cekur Manis and they can be a little bit more tender than the Thai version. Pak Wan is known as the Sweet Leaf Bush in English and its botanical name is Sauropus Androgynus. Pak Wan Soup is a popular Northern Thailand dish and is very simple to make.

The main ingredients for the soup are, curry paste, salt, fish sauce, dried fish, ant's eggs, cherry tomatoes and glass noodles. To make the paste you need dry chili peppers, garlic, shallots, shrimp paste and fermented fish. To start you need to crush the paste ingredients together and make sure they are well mixed. Add the dry fish to a pot of boiling water and add the paste.

Then you add the Pak Wan to the pot and leave it until it is cooked. Once cooked add the cherry tomatoes and glass noodles then season with the fish sauce. The dish is a very tasty one that is enjoyed throughout Thailand but especially in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and other northern provinces.

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Fresh produce from Thailand.

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