Kanom Chan

Kanom Chan

Layered Dessert

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Kanom Chan (500g) - Layered Dessert.

These wonderful Thai sweets are freshly prepared in Thailand and imported in by air on a weekly basis. If you order any fresh Thai sweets, these will be ordered from Thailand and dispatched to you the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thai cuisine is diverse in so many ways. Some people naturally assume that Thai food is all about curries or noodle and rice dishes. This is not 100% true. The Thais are also known for a wide variety of sweet and tasty desserts, which have been much maligned in favour of the hot and fiery dishes they are famous for.

Kanom Chan is one such sweet that comprises nine layers and dates back to ancient times. This small dessert was used in auspicious ceremonies and is believed to be a blessing that enhances a happy and prosperous life. This energy giving sweet is high in protein, fat and carbohydrates, which stimulates the body and mind. This sweet and fragrant delicacy is suitable as both an informal snack and a dessert.

The main ingredients used to make a Kanom Cham include sugar, coconut milk and flour. One of the great features regarding the Kanom Chan is the natural colourings used to create the sweet that is also derived from herbs. The purple coloured desserts are created by extracting from the anchan (butterfly pea) flower. Green is from the pandanus leaves, red is derived from krang (Iac). Aside from the colouring aspects of using such herbs, they are also beneficial in a nutritional sense. It is not only miraculous how Thai cooks use a wide selection of natural herbs for colouring and taste, as opposed to the many harmful colouring and substances used when cooking in the western world.

This aesthetically pleasing dessert owns nine layers, which can be removed and eaten to reveal the next layer decorated in a different colour. This kind of detail ensures that children favour this sweet instead of chocolates and boiled sweets that are highly saturated in sugar and chemicals.

If you wish to cook this yourself, follow the instructions below:-

Ingredients: Method:
  1. Sift all the three types of flour.
  2. Add the coconut milk slowly as you knead the flour together.
  3. Mix the flower water from the jasmine with the sugar and boil them together.
  4. Divide the mixed flour into two equal parts. Ass the concentrated pandanus juice to one part and leave the other part untouched.
  5. Steam a tray in boiling water. While the tray is still hot add the mixed flour, one colour and let it cook. Then add the uncoloured layer. Keep alternating your layers.

Fresh Product of Thailand.

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