Khanom Kluay

Khanom Kluay

Banana Pudding

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Khanom Kluay (500g) - Banana Pudding.

These wonderful Thai sweets are freshly prepared in Thailand and imported in by air on a weekly basis. If you order any fresh Thai sweets, these will be ordered from Thailand and dispatched to you the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Khanom Kluay is a delicious Thai dessert that is found all over Thailand and enjoyed by many people daily. Khanom Kluay translates as Thai steamed banana cake. Like many Thai desserts, it uses very fresh local produce such as bananas and coconut. If you are making this yourself, it is possible to use dry and unsweetened coconut by simply soaking it in warm water for around 10 minutes before cooking. It is best to use fresh produce and if you can get a coconut then simply scrape out the interior of the coconut shell.

To make this dessert, simply mix 2 cups of rice flour and 1 ½ cup of tapioca flour together and add the coconut milk. You will then knead the mixture as you do this. Add mashed banana (1kg) and 2 teaspoons of salt and knead it well ensuring that it is well mixed. For the topping, you simply need to mix 3 cups of scraped coconut with 1 teaspoon of salt. Put the original mix onto a tray that has been lined with foil and steam for approximately 20 minutes or oven heat for about half an hour. It is possible to steam the dish in a pudding tin.

Once done, let it cool down in a fridge and then serve with the topping and add slices of banana. The dish can be served hot or cold and it fits well into small teacups, which add a bit of decoration. You can use small cups of any description such as Chinese teacups.

Khanom Kluay is very easy to make and the ingredients are not difficult to find. The dessert is very tasty and sweet and is an excellent dish to serve to guests at a party, perhaps to give them a different and unique taste of Thailand.

If you wish to cook this yourself, follow the instructions below:-

Ingredients: For the topping: Method:
  1. Mix the two kinds of flour together. Add the coconut milk while you knead the mixture.
  2. Then add the salt and the mashed banana. Knead it well together.
  3. Prepare the topping my mixing the scraped coconut and salt together.
  4. Put the original mixture in tray lined with foil and steam it for twenty minutes.
  5. Let it cool down in a fridge.
  6. Before serving decorate with the topping and slices of banana.

Fresh Product of Thailand.

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