Thong Yod

Thong Yod

Golden Rain Drops

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Thong Yod (500g) - Golden Rain Drops.

These wonderful Thai sweets are freshly prepared in Thailand and imported in by air on a weekly basis. If you order any fresh Thai sweets, these will be ordered from Thailand and dispatched to you the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thong Yod is one of a number of delicious sweets with the reference to gold in its name. Thong Yod means Golden Tear Drop and this sweet is always served at a Thai wedding. It is accredited to Dutch explorers who taught the Siamese to make desserts using egg yolks. The beauty of this dessert is that it can be found everywhere in Thailand and is enjoyed by all walks of life. It symbolizes the sweetness between a bride and groom as well as good luck in marriage.

To make the sweet, you will need 30 duck eggs, 1 ½ cups of Thong Yod flour and for the syrup 8 cups of jasmine water and 5 cups of sugar. Begin with the syrup and mix the jasmine water with the sugar. Continue until the mix has thickened and then remove half, leaving the other half boiling. Take the duck eggs and separate the yolks, then beat the eggs until they are fluffy. Mix the eggs with the flour and try to make sure that the mix doesn't become too thick.

You then drop the mix into the syrup by dropping the mix from the tip of your finger. This is to give the teardrop effect and will take a lot of practice. Don't be too concerned if you can't do this straight away. Let them cook in the hot and boiling syrup then remove to the cold syrup that you removed from the mix before.

There are a number of good characteristics for Thong Yod and that is they should be soft both on the outside and the inside and have a glossy but delicate surface. This is a delicious sweet that is adored by millions of Thais and easy enough to make so that you can now enjoy as well.

If you wish to cook this yourself, follow the instructions below:-

Ingredients: For the syrup: Method:
  1. Mix the sugar and flower water together and boil the mixture till it thickens.
  2. Remove half the syrup and keep boiling the other half.
  3. Separate the yolk of the duck’s eggs.
  4. Filter the yolk through a white cloth filter and squeeze. Remove the membrane.
  5. Beat the yolk till it gets fluffy.
  6. Mix the eggs and flour well, making sure the flour doesn’t get too thick.
  7. Drop it into the boiling syrup and remove when it’s cooked.
  8. Put it in the bowl of syrup that you separated earlier on.

Fresh Product of Thailand.

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