Thong Yip

Thong Yip

Picking Gold

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Thong Yip (500g) - Picking Gold.

These wonderful Thai sweets are freshly prepared in Thailand and imported in by air on a weekly basis. If you order any fresh Thai sweets, these will be ordered from Thailand and dispatched to you the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

Thong is the Thai word for gold and Thong Yip means Picking Gold. This popular sweet is served on special occasions and the gold reference in the name symbolizes wealth and fortune. Many Thais believe that gold will bring them good luck. To make this sweet, you need only have the following ingredients, which are 30 duck eggs, 5 cups of jasmine flavored water and 3 cups of sugar.

The method for making this dish is straightforward and you can start by mixing the jasmine water with the sugar and heating until it boils. This will give you the tasty syrup. You then take the yolks of the eggs and whip them until they are fluffy. Use a spoon on the yolks and then drop a spoonful of the mix into the syrup and repeat until the yolks are finished. The yolks will become circular as long as the syrup is not too thick. To prevent the syrup thickening, simply add jasmine water to the pot.

Make sure to turn the circles over so that they cook on both sides and then add to a container that has the syrup. You can then make them into the shape of a star, and for decoration put in a china cup, allowing it to firm up and then it is ready to serve. Thong Yip is a sweet that is considered to be for good luck and it will be served on special occasions at dinner parties. It is also easy to buy from the market in Thailand as well as from the many street vendors who sell Thai sweets from their motorbike stalls.

It is one of a number of sweets in Thailand given the name of Thong. The taste of this sweet is very delicious and it makes the perfect dessert.

If you wish to cook this yourself, follow the instructions below:-

Ingredients: Method:
  1. Mix the sugar and flower water together and boil the mixture till it thickens.
  2. Separate the yolk of the duckís eggs.
  3. Filter the yolk through a white cloth filter and squeeze. Remove the membrane.
  4. Beat the yolk till it gets fluffy.
  5. Put the syrup in a pan and bring it to the boil. Once itís boiling turn off the heat.
  6. Take a tablespoon of the egg at a time and drop it into the syrup. Try and make a flat circle shape with each one (about 1Ĺ inches in diameter). Make sure the circles donít touch each other.
  7. Turn the heat on again. When the syrup is boiling you will notice the circles getting fluffy. At this point turn them around and cook them on the other side.
  8. When both sides are cooked, remove them and put them on a tray. Let them cool down and then use your fingers to shape them as shown in the picture.

Fresh Product of Thailand.

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