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When visiting Thailand you may think that sometimes it’s too hot to eat Thai food, but the Thais have no such notions. Thais in fact take great pleasure in finding the perfect food for the moment and they know it’s always time to eat!

Despite the soaring temperatures the Thais have a variety of favourite dishes they can eat at anytime. These could include kao pht, which is fried rice that has been seasoned with fresh limejuice. Then there is kwaytow, which are a fresh rice noodles – nice and soft to eat. There is also kwaytow pahtsiyu which are the rice noodles stir-fried with beef, egg, soy sauce and broccoli. Kwaytoh latnah is a Chinese influenced Cantonese style with beef, brown bean sauce and broccoli. The all time favourite is kwaytow padthai, which is stir fried noodles with tamarind, garlic, peanuts and chillies served upon fresh beansprouts and fresh slices of lime. Kwaytoh nahm is a meatballs in noodles dish which is garnished with fresh Thai coriander, so that the aroma and flavour of the coriander permeate the dish.

Thai food dishes are influenced by Indian and Chinese cooking techniques as well as ingredients from these neighbouring countries. The Chinese influence is clear to see in all the noodle dishes seen in Thailand. There style of cooking hasn’t changed much from the way the original Chinese methods. Noodles are a one dish meal which Thais can have for either breakfast or lunch. They are about the only Thai dish that is not shared at the Thai table. Usually Thais bring out all their dishes together and there are no food courses that are common in the Western world. Then Thais traditionally share all the food out on display. There are side dishes such as dips and seasoning also put out on the table in a authentic Thai meal. This way Thais can doctor the dishes to suit their own individual tastes. These dips and seasonings could include fish sauce, chilli dip, dried red chilli, ground peanuts, sugar, lime etc.

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