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Cooking Japanese Cuisine is Easier with Good Japanese Ingredients and Recipes

Japanese cuisine is an art form that has spread in popularity in recent years, especially in America and the United Kingdom. Nearly everyone in the western world has sampled sushi, fried rice, salads, fish cakes, satay, or Pad Thai and attempted to make it at home. To say the least, unfamiliar foods such as Japanese or Thai are difficult for the average American to create without the proper tools.

To begin creating the most popular dishes you will need Japanese ingredients that are high quality and as authentic as possible. Don’t depend on the international foods aisle of Wal-Mart to supply high quality Asian ingredients or hold a large enough selection in stock to create more than sushi or ramen. To make real Asian food there are three ways to find the Japanese ingredients you will need; go to a Japanese shop, find a Japanese supermarket, or if these two options are not available in your area, shop Japanese food online.

There are several ways to find recipes that are authentic and can give you that flavor of the orient normally only available from the best Asian restaurants. Of course, restaurants won’t give you their secret recipes but you can find similar recipes online that are just as good. Searching out Japanese Food Online through Google or Bing can bring up plenty of places to order Japanese ingredients and their accompanying recipes. Some websites have fresh ingredients from their Japanese supermarket sections.

The most popular Japanese ingredients that are so hard to find in local supermarkets are authentic fish sauce, oyster sauce, coconut products, real Thai rice, curry pastes and fresh ingredients like vegetables, spices, herbs, roots, and fruits that are unique to Asia. These products, if available at all, are incredibly expensive to purchase from hometown supermarkets. Oftentimes the Japanese ingredients found are less than fresh and are poor substitutes for what can be found in a Japanese shop or Japanese supermarket.

One you have located a decent Japanese shop, explore their selections. Don’t limit yourself to exploring their foods. Check out their kitchenware as well. Japan is world renowned for their super sharp, high quality knives, water stones, stylish décor, elegant fabrics sushi mats, tea strainers, beautiful tea pots and unique cooking implements and pans. Let’s not forget that a good pair of chopsticks is essential to enjoying a real authentically Asian meal. It may be difficult to purchase all of these items at the same Japanese shop, so it’s probably easiest to look for Japanese food online and broaden your search to include recipes, implements and more.

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