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Cook your Fish the Thai way this Summer!

Thai cuisine is considered to be some of the most delicious food in the world, due to the complexity of flavours. However, this can be quite daunting to those cooking for their families at home, to the point that a lot of people are put off by the unusual ingredients and fall back on their old familiar recipes. Well, not to worry because Thai Food Online are here to help you feel more at ease with Thai cooking methods, so you'll have the taste of Thailand in your home kitchen in no time!

Banana Leaves Enhance Fish Dishes

Banana LeavesSummer means serious grilling for many of us. Stores are filled with all sorts of barbecue gizmos and gadgets, but sometimes you can't beat the classics. How about an easy cookout this Sunday? You still need to man the grill, but you won't be stuck there all day.

Grilling fish in banana leaves has been around for centuries. The leaves not only look beautiful, but lend a subtle aroma and a taste of tea and star anise that complement fish beautifully. The leaf also protects the fish as it grills and keeps it moist.

If your fish is fresh and/or very delicate, place a piece of banana leaf over your grill. Cook the fish right on the leaf (instead of tin foil). The leaf will turn fragrant and will brown as you cook.

You can go minimal and season the fish with salt, pepper and a dash of olive oil, or coat it with an exotic spice paste. Then just wrap the leaf around it. Wrap the packet in aluminium foil to keep the outer leaves from burning.

Banana leaves also make a beautiful background on which to serve various tropical dishes -- excellent for party platters or finger foods. To keep leftover leaves for later use, simply enclose in an extra-large, self-sealing plastic bag and refreeze. If you can't find them, aluminium foil may be substituted in today's recipe.

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