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Kan Jong Guide: Health Benefits and Cooking Uses
What is Kan Jong?
Kan Jong, also known as moringa or horseradish tree is a common vegetable across the world and is grown in various regions of Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.  Moringa is also grown in South and South-East Asian, where it mainly grows in Himalayan foothills but also throughout the tropics. 
This vegetable is derived from the moringa tree which is a slim to medium sized tree with branches that produce flowers and arcs. Almost every part of the moringa tree (the bark, pods, leaves, nuts, seeds, tubers, roots, and flowers) is edible and used in a range of cooking and recipes. The Kan Jong drumstick however, is popular for its gentle and succulent pods which are easy to cook along with its many health benefits such as being antibacterial and a natural detoxifier. 
Kan Jong (Moringa Oleifera) Health Benefits ?
Different parts of the Moringa tree have different nutritional benefits.  The leaves for example, are high in protein, calcium, potassium and Vitamin A/C. These can be eaten raw and are comparable to mustard in taste. 
As part of the Moringa tree plant, Kan Jong drumsticks can be considered a superfood. They offer many nutritional benefits and assist with healing and treating various health conditions such as digestive disorders, respiratory problems or even common colds. Kan Jong is also well known for its ability to strengthen the immune system by improving the function of antibodies, leucocyte counts and hypersensitivity. This is the perfect vegetable to throw into your cooking for a simple way to add nutrients that will help maintain your overall health. 
How to Prepare Kan Jong drumsticks:
Kan Jong Drumsticks are commonly prepared in a similar way to string or green beans. After being washed, they can be chopped up and boiled or steamed. When cooked, the texture of the Kan Jong drumsticks slightly resembles that of okra. The drumsticks can either be eaten whole or the inner pulp/seeds can be extracted and added into stews, stir fries or currie and even salads. 
What recipes can be made with it?
Some Asian cuisine use Kan Jong drumsticks as a vegetable and add it to soups and stews. While others, such as Indian cuisine, use the vegetable in curries. The leaves of  a Moringa tree can also be used in curries to make a ‘moringa leaf korma’ for example.
What does Kan Jong pair well with?
Kand Jong drumsticks pair wonderfully with various ingredients to make a range of meals. When added to curries, they pair well with curry leaves and curry powder and seasoning such as garam masala for a rich, traditional Indian taste. Kan Jong drumsticks also taste great with Thai red chillies and shrimp paste and this combination can be used to make various flavours of stir-fry. 

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