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Time-Saving Soup Recipe Kits and Pastes

There’s no doubt that indulging in rich, flavourful and comforting soups is one of the key markers that we’re in the height of autumn and winter. Soup is a staple food for many people, when packed with seasonal vegetables it can provide delicious nourishment; it can be served as an appetiser during a multiple-course dinner, bulked up with rice or noodles to make a main course or even served as a light snack perfect for dipping crunchy toasted breads. 

Across the world there are a wide variety of soups and this bears no different in Asian cuisine. Thailand, China, Japan and beyond all have their own respective traditional soup recipes that have been passed down the generations and perfected across cultures and families. Such recipes of course are made from scratch, with each individual ingredient carefully prepared and combined. And while making soup from scratch is certainly rewarding, when you’ve got a busy schedule or limited tools/ingredients it can be time consuming and a little too much effort. Thankfully, some of the best Asian food brands have taken it upon themselves to create very useful and convenient soup recipe kits and pastes that help you to prepare delicious authentic soup recipes with no effort. In this blog, we’ll be sharing our collection of time-saving soup kit products for preparing soup from a range of different Asian cuisines. 

Tom Yum Soup (Thai)

thai tom yum soup

Tom Yum is a delicious and fragrant soup that is also one of the most popular dishes in Thailand. Featuring a pungent and spicy broth, this soup traditionally contains a variety of classic Thai ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, palm sugar, tamarind juice and more. All of these ingredients are an essential part of achieving the classic sour yet spicy balance of flavours that Tom Yum has and can be found in ready to use tom yum pastes, pre-made soups or frozen pre-portioned ingredients ready to cook!

Tom Yum Soup Products:

Tom Kha Soup (Thai)

    thai tom kha soup

    Another popular Thai soup is Tom Kha, in contrast to tom yum soup, this Thai soup is richer, sweeter and creamier with the use of coconut milk. Tom Kha does also use similar herbs in its recipe such as lemongrass, galangal and kaffir lime leaves to create an aromatic creamy broth soup. The delicious flavour can be created with tom kha soup pastes, usually only requiring a few extra ingredients including mushrooms, coconut milk, tofu or chicken depending on personal preference. This is a similar case with dried herbs and spice sets for preparing tom kha soup also. Alternatively, a ready to eat soup can also be a great option for enjoying this Thai soup.  

    Tom Kha Soup Products:

    Crab & Corn Soup (Chinese)

      crab corn soup

      Crab & Corn soup is a classic Chinese soup with rich savoury flavours from umami based ingredients such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, seafood like fresh crab meat or prawns and sweeter flavours from added sugar and naturally sweet flavours from creamed sweetcorn. Crab & Corn soup is a Chinese soup that can be easy to make, however, more challenging to achieve the perfect balance of flavours. Seasoning kits are a perfect way to combat this, adding all the right taste to the soup in minutes. You may even want to balance the sweet and savoury flavours to your preference by adding additional creamed corn to the ready to use seasoning mix’s recipe. 

      Crab & Corn Soup Products:


      Hot & Sour Soup (Chinese)

        hot and sour soup

        Hot and sour soup is a type of Chinese soup that is a blend of spicy and sour flavours. It is usually eaten as a starter or as a light meal and made with a range of ingredients from tofu, pork, vegetables and more. This is one type of soup that requires a little extra TLC to prepare (from preparing the fresh ingredients to carefully simmering the broth) so convenience food products to enhance the flavour are a great way to cut down on the time and effort required to prepare this. 

        Hot & Sour Soup Products:


        Pho Soup (Vietnamese)

          pho soup

          Pho soup is a spicy, fragrant, and beef-based soup made from beef broth, ginger, and various herbs and spices. It’s a soup that often looks easy to prepare but does in fact require a little extra effort to perfect. Getting the noodles to an ideal soft chewy texture, ensuring the beef slices are tender and most importantly that the broth flavour is rich and flavoursome. Ready-to-use kits are especially popular when it comes to making Vietnamese pho soup, not only for convenience but also because of the ease they offer in getting the perfect balance of flavours in creating a soup that tastes as authentic as possible. Using flavour pastes or kits means all you need to focus on is quickly cooking the soup and topping it with herbs, onions and bean sprouts from a nice crunchy texture. 

          Pho Soup Products:


          Laksa Soup (Malaysian)

            laksa soup

            Laksa soup is a popular Malaysian soup that features noodles, coconut milk, and a spicy curry-like broth. The dish is made by boiling shrimp, fish, or meat in a spiced coconut milk broth. The broth is then mixed with noodles and coconut milk, and is topped with vegetables, like bean sprouts, cabbage, green beans, and tomatoes. With such a long list of ingredients to prepare an authentic Malaysian laksa curry, it only makes sense to save time and effort by using a flavour enhancing paste to form the base of the soup’s broth. 

            Laksa Soup Products:


            Miso Soup (Japanese)

              miso soup

              Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup made from fermented soybeans, usually with a fish stock and vegetables, and often with seaweed. The most common type of miso soup is miso soup with tofu, which has the texture of soybeans. And while miso soup is relatively easy to prepare, convenience miso soup products are a great option when travelling, on-the go or when you simply want soup in an instant. Similar to making the soup from scratch, miso soup kits and pastes can als be enjoyed with a variety of toppings, including seaweed, tempura, kamaboko, green onion, and more.

              Miso Soup Products:

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