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Asian Picnic Food - 7 Ideas for an Asian Inspired Picnic
Almost everyone can agree that the midst of spring calls for a good old fashioned picnic when the weather is heating up and we’re getting regular visits from the sunshine! From casual to slightly more special occasions, picnics are a popular dining experience across the board simply for their flexibility in catering to personal and dietary needs. There’s an option to make everyone happy whether you’re eating with a group of friends, family, in couples or even getting some alone time! 
Picnics actually originate from France and the word picnic derived from a phrase dating back to 1692, which first referred to a group of people who would dine together at a restaurant but bring their own wine. However, today, picnics are all about bringing your own everything. In this blog, we’re sharing a list of 7 picnic food ideas to try for an Asian inspired picnic, from easy to make Thai appetizers, refreshing and light Vietnamese spring rolls to spiced up Korean noodles and more!
Thai Appetizers
Thai appetizers make great options for picnic foods. They are mostly easy to make, delicious and don’t require a tonne of ingredients. While Thai appetizers are preferably eaten warm, they can also be enjoyed cooler or cold. Satay chicken is so popular, it’s almost an obvious choice. The skewers can be packed away neatly into tupperware, ready to dip into a pre-made peanut sauce. You can always make your own peanut sauce, using our peanut sauce 1-click recipe, but it's always nice to save time and have something to grab and go.
The satay chicken and peanut dipping sauce is also gluten free, while other Thai appetizers provide vegetarian and pescatarian options such as Thai corn fritters and Thai fish cakes. Both of which are perfect for dipping into a sweet chilli sauce.
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Another dish which is perfect for dipping into a sweet chilli sauce is classic Vietnamese spring rolls (also known as summer rolls). Another appetiser or snack-like Asian food to add to your picnic menu. Vietnamese spring rolls are not only delicious but also stunning when neatly packed with fillings such as king prawns, cucumbers, carrots and sprinkled with sesame seeds! They are super easy to make too, simple dip rice paper into some water and begin to assemble your rolls with your fillings of choice! 
Thai and Asian Fruits
For those of you who aren’t looking to cook or prep any food but still want to enjoy an Asian inspired picnic, you can definitely grab some fruits and go! Why not try something a little different from typical western picnic fruits like berries, peaches and grapes and try something exotic instead. We recommend fruits that come in groups such as Long Kong, Mangosteen, Rambutan and Lychees or fruits you can portion up yourself like Jackfruit or Thai Mangoes. You could even make an activity with the Thai and Asain fruit by having an exotic fruit tasting session!  
It wouldn’t feel right to suggest Asian inspired picnic food options without mentioning some kind of noodles! Instant noodles are probably the easiest way to incorporate Asian cuisine into a picnic without having to prepare anything. You can simply take a hot flask with you and your instant cup noodles will be ready in as little as 2 minutes. 
However, if you want to give your noodles a little more character and add additional Asian flavours, why not spice up some Korean noodles for a semi-sophisticated picnic meal. We recently shared some short videos on how you can prepare Nongshim’s Korean Seafood, Chapaghetti and Champong noodles with additional ingredients to make them more interesting. After cooking them at home, you can pack them in tupperware and enjoy them out on your picnic. 
Sushi might just be the ultimate Asian picnic food! It’s light, refreshing, naturally eaten cold and perfectly portioned to carry on the go and share with fellow picnic diners. While this could also be a fun activity to do on your picnic, we recommend making sushi in advance because it can be a time consuming process especially when you’re hungry and ready to eat. However, although it takes a little time, with our Yutaka sushi roll kit, it’s a super easy process. Simply use this kit along with some additional smoked salmon and avocado and you’ve infused Japanese cuisine into your picnic menu! 
Similar to fruit, snacks are also a great grab and go way to enjoy Asian picnic foods. From popular seaweed snacks from brands like Tae Kao Noi to flavoured nuts, dried fruits, 
prawn crackers and even durian cake, the options are almost endless in our snacks category. There are also plenty of options to keep kids happy at the picnic too, such as Pocky, Hello Panda and Yan Yan flavoured biscuit snacks. 
After enjoying your food, there’s no better way to wash down your Asian inspired picnic bites than cold and refreshing Asian fruit drinks or warming tea and coffee beverages. Try a selection of Thai fruit flavoured juices such as Passionfruit and Lychee or Japanese ‘iced’ tea style drinks like Peach Tea or Honey Green Tea.

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