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The Food Community Recreate Our 1-Click Recipes

With the worst of the pandemic (thankfully) being over, so many people are reverting back to going out to eat at restaurants, buying food for breakfast, on their lunch break and generally using any and every excuse to not have to cook at home. Coupled with the fact winter is drawing to a close, we can hardly blame them! In the UK when the weather is good throughout spring and summer there’s a little extra joy that comes with getting food at convenience. However while eating out is great, it doesn’t ever quite measure up to the satisfaction of making a delicious meal with all the trimmings from scratch, and of course, taking all the credit when it’s a crowd pleaser. 

With this in mind, we wanted to dedicate a post to celebrating the art of cooking at home and sharing a handful of tasty food and meals that the Instagram food community has re-created using our Thai 1-Click Recipes! This is not only to inspire you to embrace cooking at home just as much as dining out but to encourage and remind you that when you’re exploring new flavours, cuisine and techniques, cooking can be easy and exciting. Don’t feel like you have to save great recipes for special occasions and dinner parties, you can improve your everyday cooking skills and palette for your own enjoyment and what better way to get started than to check out fantastic Thai recipes made by avid home cooks and recipe enthusiasts. 

Panang Curry

Thai panang curry in large bowl

Thai panang curry is the go-to Thai curry recipe when you fancy a change from a typical Thai green or red curry. It had the traditional rich and spicy characteristics of an authentic Thai curry with slightly sweeter and nuttier notes of flavour. It’s definitely one to learn for easy and filling family meals during the week and very comforting no matter what the season. We love the way @yourfoodfantasy plated up our Thai panang curry recipe, we can just imagine this at the centre of the table and everyone taking several servings each.

Chicken Pandan

chicken wrapped in pandan leaves

There are countless recipes which involve cooking and marinating chicken with bold savoury flavours but Thai chicken pandan takes the subtle road by infusing the light sweet flavour and fragrance of pandan leaves into delicious finger food or appetiser chicken. Plus, taking the time to wrap the chicken in a dish like this is a sure way to impress at a presentation, dinner party or not. Just look at how well @vickyskitchan did it!

Massaman Curry

Thai massaman curry with chillie and basil garnish

If there was ever a home-made Thai recipe to make you cancel your takeaway order, this is the one! Thai Massaman Curry is popular for a reason, mild but aromatic flavours in a rich creamy sauce, what’s not to love? Trust us when we say if you only master one curry recipe, this is the one to pull out of the bag to impress family and friends at dinner. Still not convinced? Then just check out @reenee.eats’s rendition of our Massaman Curry recipe...


Thai Money Bags

Thai money bags uncooked

Thai money bags are the perfect finger food for any special occasion or even just a treat. Our recipe combines shiitake mushrooms, garlic and coriander root but you can mix it up with more traditional or your favourite fillings. We recommend trying water chestnuts, Thai shallots or carrots for different flavours and textures. These are usually served for Thai special occasions such as Thai New Year, birthdays and weddings, which means you can prepare them as a special treat for your very own occasions too; @sezpk enjoy these Thai money bags around Chinese New Year!


Khao Soi

Khao Soi garnished with coriander and shallots

What do you get when you marry the rich flavours of Thai curry with the lightness of soup and add noodles? Khao Soi of course! Yes, Khao Soi is the best of both worlds when it comes to soup and curry cravings. This dish has so much depth of flavour without being too hearty and filling so ideal to enjoy throughout spring and summer; just look at this deliciously warming bowl @yashodhas_eats plated up. We just know you want to whip up some of your own! 

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